Complete Sheetminder System



Trying to arrange your sheet music? Thankfully, the Sheetminder System is here to free you from the nightmare of wayward and unruly sheets or printed music. But what is the Sheetminder system?

The Sheetminder Soloist is a simple, inexpensive folder that allows musicians to collect, arrange, and display 1-5 pages of printed sheet music on a music stand or a piano. Perforated seams make it easy to customize the size of the soloist for any piece of music. Musicians can then easily fasten their sheet music into the soloist to neatly and securely display it while playing.

For longer pieces, there’s the Sheetminder Songbook. This sturdy spiral-bound notebook can organize and display up to 24 pages of sheet music and arrange them in a convenient and orderly fashion.

With Sheetminder System, you’re now ready to make beautiful music without having to worry about loose sheets flying everywhere! Concentrate on your performance with your music so neatly and securely display and you’re one step away from Carnegie Hall!

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